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راهکارهای فیبرنوری مرکز داده
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F.O. MPO Trunk  UNICOM's MPO trunk cables are high density fiber cables used to distribute large numbers of fibers from one area of an installation to another. These trunk cable assemblies optimise cable routing requirments to ensure efficient use of pathway space and significantly reduce installation time and cost. 12-fiber MPO are the majority application, low loss 12-fiber MPO connectors perform a maximum insertion loss of 0.35dB per mated pair. Trunk
F.O.MPO Cassette  UNICOM's High Performance, Spae Saving, MPO Fiber Optic Cassettes, are ideal product for connecting multi-fiber MPO trunk compact and modular cassettes allow for maximum density in limited spaces and cramped racks, while reducing installation time. Caaette
F.O. MPO Fan Out  UNICO's MPO Fan-Out cable assemblies, utilizes the high density MPO connector and fans out using a fan-out kit to conventional generic fiber optic connector on one end and the other end is equiped with SC or LC, but Fan-out can be customizeds with any connector and in any lenght to meet customer requirement. Fan Out
F.O. Break Out  UNICOM's Fiber optic Breakout Cable answers the need for a robuts and reliable cabling solution that can handle most high density data centers. The Breakout is a bundle of patch cords to connect MPO -LC cassette to any devices easily. To manage a huge amount of cords in data centers, UNICOM's breakout is a good solution in comparison with traditional patch cords. Break Out