Expert people in Networking established TIAM Networks Co. as a professional Networking company in Iran. In this year, TIAM announce the first Iranian Rack cabinet to the market.
TIAM made an agreement with Accton Technology Corp. as their exclusive distributor in Iran.  Accton was the biggest Networking manufacturer in Taiwan & one of the OEM suppliers of IBM, Compaq, HP, 3Com & Cisco. Accton manageable Hubs were installed in one of the Ministry of Petrol companies with over 10 office flats.
Made a contract with Ministry of Power to design & install nodes in campus area of Research & development Complex.
The first MetroLAN project of Iran with Fiber Optic cables done by TIAM in Kish Island.  
By expanding the sales Dept., TIAM achieved selling over 500 Switches to social security of Iran as well as a huge amount of passive products and sold manageable switches through a bank company to the budget organization.
Moved to new building in 3 flats (~500m2) with sufficient inventory because of expanding all dept. including sales & project.
The broadcasting Co. (IRIB) equipped with 40 Wireless Radio by our team for Data & internet service for city of Tehran. Accton switches got chosen by Saderat Bank for 80 branches.
Designing & installing Wide area network of Kerman province ICT co. in whole the province as well as Systan province.
The networking of IT tower of Khuzestan province starts by TIAM. This tower is an IT park for ~60 IT company.
By penetrating to the bank & enterprise projects, TIAM focused on enterprise products & sold to a company of defense ministry and over 100 free standing Rack cabinet to Saderat Bank. The project of Judiciary branch has been done at the same year.
Banking is our target. Sepah Bank ordered Cisco router to TIAM. Also TIAM sold about 200 Cisco Router to Refah Bank and over 750 Cisco Router to Mellat Bank.
Meanwhile, many executive and selling projects were brought into effect by Tiam Networks in this year for some organizations including universities, plants, ministries, banks and so on .Details are available upon request.
Pursuant to the aims of the last year, 600 routers were sold to Mellat Bank. In passive products, Tiam Networks won tender of NAJA (official police forces of Iran) comprising cables and the whole respective accessories. Tiam Networks also offered its active products and respective services to many organizations. Going through the 0.5 million dollar tender of Telecom Co. of Gillan province data center with Tellabs and Cisco7500 equipment and that of Telecom Co of Kermanshah province data center with Cisco7200 can be cited as good examples. Meanwhile, many executive and selling projects were brought into effect by Tiam Networks in this year for some organizations including universities, plants, ministries, banks and so on .Details are available upon request.
Tiam Network has developed its activities in universities by accomplishing projects in AZAD University branches (Chalous, Zahedan & Damghan), Universities of Medical Science in Lorestan & Zanjan.
Besides, to develop the relation with Police of Iran, TIAM succeeded in delivering the UNICOM cable and connectors for more than 6000 nodes.
Equipping and connecting the wide branches of Post Company in Yazd & Hormozgan provinces were our WAN projects.
In 2008 TIAM Networks participated in some important national tenders relying on the experience and marketing solutions to expand its market share and could achieve the lowest bid of a million dollar project to supply the passive network components for more than 600 buildings of Iranian oil pipeline Telecommunication Company all around the country and those of many branches of ministry of justice in more than 20 provinces.
In addition, in this year TIAM Networks could handle the designing and supplying networking devices of the 4th tallest Broadcast and telecommunication tower on the world (Milad tower). TIAM Networks also designed and accomplished the Campus LAN project of the largest mine in the Middle East – Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co- in a 4000 Km2 field.
On the other hand, the experienced experts of TIAM Networks accomplished a vast project to develop WAN connection among the branches of Post Company in Yazd and Hormozgan provinces which is similar to the one implemented in Semnan and Khorasan Razavi post corporations.
At the same year, TIAM Networks could initiate some data center consulting, designing, supervision and implementation projects for Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization, Statistical Center of Iran, Kerman Telecommunication Company, Mellat Bank, … relying on the experts' competence and the new strategy of the company based on more significant presence in the data center market.
By Growing Data Centers demand in Iran, TIAM made a contract for Consulting in Data Center Design with Ministry of Health, Iran University of Medicine and Esfahan Steel Factory which is the biggest factory in Iran. By introducing the “Cold Aisle Containment” as the latest technology in Data Center Cooling Solutions as well as IP Based Rack, TIAM was ahead not only in local market but also in the world for some specific features in new products. The Cold Containment was installed in Iran IT Organization while the IP Based Racks were installed in Data Center of Dana Insurance Co.
Besides the Data Center business, TIAM continued the Network business as well. The Faculty of Dentistry in Tehran University was equipped with the End to End UNICOM Solution for 1500 Nodes.
The demand of our Cold Containment solutions was increasing day by day and we installed it for the State Welfare Organization, Some Branches of Azad University and some Defense Organizations. We believed that ” Yes, We can” so we made a Mobile (Portable) Data Center after HP & SUN in the world but at much better price with local support & Warranty.
The Ministry of Industry & ICT of Khouzestan, were our Consulting projects in Data Centers but we didn’t forget the Networking business. Selling more than 1000 sets of Console Drawers to Mellat Bank, Selling End to End UNICOM solution for 8000 nodes of Refah Bank, Selling 1500 Racks to Keshavarzi Bank, Installing 1500 nodes of CAT-6A in Pet Zone project , are only a samples of what we did in Networking business.
Now with about 2 decades professional experience & more than 40 experts just in head quarter and by aid of office automation & ERP & MRS systems, we are preparing for ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system and ready to expand our business in consulting and implementing LAN/WAN, security and datacenter projects as well as sell enterprise networking products of Cisco & UNICOM. 
To increase customer satisfaction, TIAM improved its cold containment solution in 2011 so the data center of Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, the data center of Arman Insurance Co., the data center of Electricity Management Co. were equipped with this new improved solution. The data center of Natural Gas Co. of Golestan Province & a number of branches of Azad Universities were designed based on this solution as well. The data center of Qom Seminary and Qom Islamic Development Organization were also designed by TIAM technical team. 
Reducing the risk of any damages and increasing the safety & reliability of the infrastructure of country is our ultimate goal for all networking projects. Based on this belief, TIAM has designed & run the project of Dental Faculty of Azad University and the Veterinary Faculty as two examples of educational projects. Also TIAM supplied over 10000 nodes for military organizations, over 5000 nodes for financial organizations such as Tejarat Bank, Keshavarzi Bank & Tourism Bank as well as 2000 nodes for Art & Culture Organization of Tehran Municipality. 
Honoring the welfare, our team has cooperated with the State Welfare Org. & Raazi Psychiatry Hospital in networking projects, installing over 2000 nodes in 39 Buildings in 30 Hectares.
According to some limitation in importing goods and economic downturn situation of this year, we focused on low price national productions. The result was a new product named EZ Rack which is the most economical rack in the market and there was great demand just after announcing. 
We also succeeded to win many data center projects such as DC of Amir-Kabir Petro-chemistry Co. by 10 Racks in cold aisle, DC of Quazvin municipality by 6 Racks in cold aisle. The construction, cooling, networking, electrical, mechanical section of Data center in these projects were designed & run by our trained CDCP (Certified Data Center Profession) experts. Of course, the HR is an asset to knowledge-based companies and to us training is an investment not an expense. 
We also supplied networks & DC equipments for many banks such as 300 Racks for Ghavamin Bank, 180 Racks and 3000 network nodes including cable & accessories for Refah Bank, 150 Racks for Mehr Bank as well as 1000 special Racks and 4600 nodes including cable and accessories for Tehran municipality. 
The business without empowerment distribution channel and partners could not survive in long run especially, in such economic climate. So by supporting our distribution channel as before, many tenders and projects ran in whole country successfully. Velayat project, Ferdowsi University, Province governor, Sadaerat Bank, Sara Mall, Amin Mall and so on were as examples just in Khorasan Razavi province.
Our aim in coming year is to renew & improve all product range. Hope to achieve!
This company backed by skilled experts with process-oriented mind, step forward to improve services, customer satisfaction, environmental performance, safety, health of work place and employees. Hereupon certified by HSE, IMS, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.
TIAM had a well-attended Elecomp (2013) exhibition held in Iran. One of the most important product showed in this exhibition was cooling systems with different kind of Data Center solutions. 3 cooling solutions announced to IT community: In-Row, In-Rack, Side Air Flow, under 3 cooling technologies: Direct Expansion, Variable Refrigerant Volume, Chilled water. 
Other products that showed was Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and also different kind of UNICOM networking Cables and many kind of Racks with iRACK brand.
Beside importing UNICOM products from USA, TIAM also imported Tester Fluke Fusion (DSX-5000) to verify performance. 
Some of projects done by TIAM in this year listed below:
Designing, consulting, product supply and implementation Iranian Space Research Center ,Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Nargan Project, State Welfare Organization Of Iran, Refah Bank more than 10000 Node, Tehran Municipality more than 3000 Node, NAJA, Mehr Bank more than 50 Racks, ….
TIAM won 3th place of FAVA national award at Technological production.
Participating in two most important international exhibition (Telecom & Elecomp 2014) and won "best booth" Award at Elecomp from the view of experts, visitors and other attended company in this exhibition.
The construction of the 1st crisis data center in Iran (iBOX), was done by the equipment and the experienced specialists of Tiam enterprise.
Building a school and two health center in the deprived areas of our country for public works.
Some of Projects done by TIAM in this year,
Network equipment (iRACK, iPOWER, UNICOM):
• Refahe Karegaran Bank (1200 nodes and more than 100 Racks)
• Saderat Bank (200 Rack and console drawer)
• Tejarat Bank
• Information Technology of Tehran municipality (1000 nodes and more than 31km cable)
• NAJA and related companies (214km cable and connectors for more than 300 nodes)
Data Center designing and implementing projects (iCOOL, iDC) with In-Row cooling technology:
• Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization 
• Qazvin municipality
• Management center of Qom Hawza (women unit)
• Iran Power Development Organization
• Ministry of Economy and Finance Iran
Receiving certification of consumer rights from organization of industry and trade.
Receiving Appreciation from the head of organization of computer trade, Nasser Ali Saadat in Elecomp 2015.
Attending in 2 most important IT exhibitions, Telecom and Elecomp.
Some of TIAM’s projects in this year:
Implementation of Data Center project for:
• Iran Chamber of commerce industries and mines
• Baqiyatallah university of medical sciences
• Pars Oil and Gas Company
• Iran mall commercial Company
• Pension Fund of Saba Naft engineering and construction Co. 
• Fars real estate registration department
• Tamin ICT and management Consultancy services Co.(Pvt.)
Sale of Network infrastructure (Racks (iRACK), PDUs (iPOWER), Console Drawers, Cooling Systems (iCOOL), Network Cable (Unicom)) to:
• Social security organization (1000 intelligent Racks & Console Drawers)
• Ministry of ICT, Telecommunication infrastructure company (500 PDUs & 160 Racks)
• IT municipalities
• Rightel Company
• NAK (Naghshe Aval-e Keyfiyat)
• Refah Bank
• Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting (2 Data Center Rooms)
Holding seminars in Tehran, Kerman and Qom for more communication and cooperating with the other IT companies.
3 members of TIAM group, Cooperate to write National Standard for computer networking and this standard published by National information standards organization.
As well as, TIAM received Data Center cabling certification from Nobel institute.

With many years of experience in design and implementation of large scale IT projects, TIAM Networks Co. has been able to hold a major share of the Iranian IT market, and Customer Oriented policy of the company leads us to reach the highest satisfaction feedbacks among customers.

The results of TIAM network`s collective efforts in 2016 reflects in the company achievements:

Design, Installation, and Implementation of:

  • Computer equipment room (Islamic Azad University of Hamedan),
  • Server Room (Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah),
  • Cooling Systems for Data Center (Kharj Petrochemical Co.),
  • Cold Aisle Containment (National Oil Products Distribution Company “Kerman”)

Detail design projects:

  • Consultation & Design of physical infrastructure for Data Center and computer networks (Jahed Investment & Service Company)
  • Designing physical infrastructure of Data Center and Design optimization and proposing expansion plan of information network (Pars Oil & Gas Company: Tehran and Assaluyeh)

Data center support projects:

  • Support and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of server room (Statistics & Information technologies organization of Qazvin Municipality)
  • Monitoring the internal network and cabling network of the previous Ettelaat newspaper building (Namad Saze Jonoub Company).

We also supplied networks & DC equipment for:

ICT of Tehran Municipality (over 10,000 Nodes), Maskan Bank (200 Racks and IP- Based power distribution units), Mellat Bank (500 Racks), Tehran Electric Power (26 Fiber Optic Patch Panel & Equipments), Islamic Azad University: Kermanshah Branch (Cold Aisle Containment with Cooling system), Namad Saze Jonoub Company (over 8000 nodes and accessories), Sepah Bank (a significant number of IP Based Power Distribution Units), Refah bank (15Km of network cable) and Alborz Province Gas Company.

Publishing “Network Cabling Standards” Book by TIAM Networks.

Participating in three most important international exhibitions (ELECOMP 2015, IPAS, Water & Electrical Industry) and Holding different seminars in various cities, has created a clear and professional image of the company. These opportunities lead to more interaction with customers, better recognition, and gathering valuable feedbacks from customers.

Other achievements of TIAM Networks Co., in 2016:

  • Receiving Certificate of Consumer Rights from 16th national conference (2017)
  • Receiving Certificate of Consumer Rights from 4th provincial conference (2017)

TIAM considered 1 week Money Back Guarantee, so customer can receive the full refund for returned good too.


Some of the most important TIAM NETWORKS projects in 2017 are as follows:

  • Consulting & Designing Physical Infrastructure of Data Center (Tehran and Zanjan Gas Company, Islamic Azad University, Dental Branch, Enghelāb-e Eslāmi Technical College)
  • Installing Server Room and Cooling System (Gilan province power company)
  • Installation and Implementation (Zanjan province power company, Data Center Installation of Pars System Shargh company (DPS) in Chabahar)
  • Data Center Installation & Monitoring (Islamic Azad University Tehran South Branch, Ilam Gas Refining Company, Central Iranian Iron Ore Company in Bafq, Omran Gostar Basir Co)
  • Preventive Maintenance & Support of Physical Infrastructure of Computer Space (Qazvin Municipal Organization)
  • Monitoring the Internal Network and Cabling Network (Namad Saze jonoub Company)
  • Installing the Copper and Fiber Optic Networks (Boca Holding Company)

Some of the equipment selling to the organizations are as follows:

  • Sepah Bank (Power Distribution Units)
  • Maskan Bank (Number of Racks & Equipment)
  • Sepehr Information Campus Company (Number of Racks & Server Room Equipment)
  • Zanjan Province Gas Company (Server Room Cooling Systems)
  • Zanjan Regional Electricity Company (Cooling Systems)
  • Ardabil Gas Company (Number of Racks & Accessories)
  • Iranian Oil Pipelines & Telecommunications Company (Power Distribution Units)
  • Zagros Petrochemical Company & Zaem Electronic Industries Co. (Racks, Accessories & Power Distribution Units)
  • Pars Oil & Gas Co. (Network Cables)
  • Region 7 Iranian Gas Transmission Operations (Networking Equipment)

In addition, some of the equipment selling are as follow:

  • Selling and Installing equipment (Sang Ahan Bafq Co.).
  • Installing, Implementing, monitoring and also selling passive equipments (Namad Sazeh jonoub Co.)
  • Installing, Implementing and selling of MPO equipment (ICT Organization of Tehran Municipality)

Seminars and Exhibitions:

  • Participating in ELECOMP exhibition
  • Participating in the 17th Iran Int'l Electricity Exhibition
  • Participating in ELECOMP virtual exhibitions
  • Participating in Mashhad ELECOMP exhibition
  • Participating in Yazd ELECOMP exhibition
  • Holding Arak Data Center seminar
  • Holding Urmia Data Center seminar
  • Holding Tehran Data Center seminar
  • Holding Arak Data Center seminar
  • Holding Tehran Data Center Cooling System
  • Holding Tehran DCIM (Monitoring and Controlling Consoles) seminar

Prizes and Honors:

  • Receiving Certificate of Consumer Rights from 17th national conference (2018)
  • Receiving Certificate of Consumer Rights from 5th Provincial conference (2018)

One of cultural activities of TIAM NETWORKS is the publishing of the second edition of the "Network Cabling Standard” book.