In-Rack Solutions

In-Rack Solution

In small organizations or companies, a secure room called the server room is used to gather servers, and computer equipment, in a single space with common resources. For the infrastructure of this room, the same standards apply to the data center standard. The continuous operation of servers within the 24 hours a day generates a lot of heat in the room, which shortens the life of electrical components and also reduces the efficiency of the system, so that in some cases, efficiency is reduced by about 50%.

Due to the fact that the new server equipment has the ability to automatically decrease the efficiency at the same time as the temperature rises, this causes a hidden process of reduced efficiency. Sometimes the room's limited space and the need for optimal use of space, limitation of financial resources, etc., forced the network administrator to not follow the criteria for creating a standard data center. For this reason, if it is not possible or inclined to enclose front or rear racks or aisle, the company's offer is based on the In-Rack cooling system. As shown in the picture, cooling process of the equipment in the rack is carried out by transferring cool air from the air cooler to the space inside the racks and collecting the hot air generated from behind the racks. In the In-rack product, warm air that goes out of the back side of the rack, is collected and after cooling down, the cold air is flowing from the sides of the cooler into the rack. Although this solution does not cover all the benefits of using the iDC hot and cold aisle containment, it does help to improve the cooling system efficiency to an acceptable level.