To have practical knowledge, TIAM holds workshop & labs for staff, distribution channel & customers.
Our Lab is designed to provide you with proven experience and skills to successfully configure, install & test devices in a variety of networking & Data Center environments.
The Lab is equipped with tools & testing devices such as routers, switches, xDSL Modems, RAS, IP Phone, Wireless devices as well as Fiber & Copper cable tester (Fluke Testers) and Copper & Fiber installation tools.
One of the workshops held by TIAM is:
♦ After sales services for racks and intelligent systems
In this Workshop, you will learn how to setting, installing, and using each types of following racks:
- Ultra
- Intelli
- Digi+
- Hyper
- Digital Fan Tray
The maximum period of after sales services and everything about that, presented in this workshop too.